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Light Gauge

Steel Systems

Beyond the wood frame, the light gauge steel system is a perfect solution for single family homes 

and ADU projects.

Flooring System

light demo.png

Compatible with

  • Wood Slab

  • Steel Truss 

  • Concrete Slab

Prefabricated Interior Wall Panels 

 Infillers For Sound & Heat Insulation

Pre-cut Structure For Electric Wire

Prefabricated Exterior Wall Panels 

  • EIFS

  • Fiber Cement 


Pre-cut Structure for 

  • Water Pipe

  • HVAC Pipe

bracket (3).png
Panelized Wall System

Precision-designed, engineered, fabricated and installed by TechPrefab’s integrated team and its manufacturers. These systems ensure energy conservation, speed and cost-efficiency without any gaps, delays or misunderstandings while allowing for full customization.

Pre-Installation Quality Control

As TechPrefab's standard QA process, we pre-install your future house to ensure no issues during on-site construction. All the framing for a home can be done in 8 hours with just 3 people on-site. 

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