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How BIM Technology & Prefab are Transforming the Construction Industry

Prefab construction - done right - is simpler, faster, less expensive, and greener than conventional construction. Invited by Connect New York, TechPrefab's co-founder & CEO Robert Friedman was giving a keynote speech about "How BIM Technology & Prefab are Transforming the Construction Industry".

TechPrefab is at the cutting edge of the real estate industry’s long-awaited embrace of innovation and digitization. TechPreFab has created a global construction ecosystem that transforms the traditional complex and costly building delivery into an efficient and transparent process.

Powered by an intuitive Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform called BIMPort TM, developers, architects, contractors, and engineers can design, collaborate, source materials in real-time from a global supply and assemble buildings without cost overruns, change orders, delays and headaches. And that allows them to focus on what they do best - creating superior buildings - from ADUs and single-family homes to multifamily and large commercial buildings.

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