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Tech Prefab Provides 
a Turn-Key ADU Solution 

We Build & Deliver a Custom-designed ADU to your Home – Just provide the land & we do the rest. Feasibility, design and construction services - Everything you need to build your ADU project. 

Earn Income / Expand Your Home with a Customized ADU

What is ADU?

  • An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a legal term for a secondary house that shares the building lot of a larger, primary house.

  • An additional residential building that occupies the same lot as a primary residence.

  • The establishment and use of an ADU will fall under different zoning rules and regulations depending on where you live.

  • An ADU has its own kitchen, living area, and a separate entrance.

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Why build an ADU?​

  •  Add space & comfort for your family & friends

  •  Appreciate your property's value by 20%-30%

  •  Generate $1,500-2,000 rental income per month

  •  Create new housing in your town & city


Successful Project

New 1-story Detached ADU

  • A 416 sqft new ground-up one-story detached ADU

  • One bedroom, a common living and kitchen area, and a bathroom

  • End-to-end Program

Feasibility & Zoning 


Free Feasibility & Zoning Research Services. Request Now

Custom Design


Prefab building competences lower the design cost from 10-12% to 7%, but still fully customizable

Fabricate & Assembly


Rough-in Labor cost in the Bay area, foundation included!



* including design and engineering fee



* estimated by location



* 30 Year / 5% interest rate/ 20% down payment



Easier to Build

Number of ADUs allowed:

AB68 & AB881 Update: Properties that convert existing space to create ADUs may be eligible for one ADU -AND- one JADU.

Lot size:

AB68 & AB881 Update: Properties will not be subject to minimum lot standards by ordinance or of the applicable zoning district.

ADU size:

AB68 & AB881 Update: Properties will be allowed up to 850 square feet for a one-bedroom or up to 1,000 square feet for a two-bedroom ADU.


AB68 & AB881 Update: The maximum required setback for a detached new construction ADU shall be no more than 4 feet from the rear or side property lines.



SB13 Update: Owner-occupancy requirements for ADUs will be voided statewide for 5 years.

Happy Client Journey

"After quoting from almost all prefab and modular builders in the Bay Area, I chose TechPrefab. I believe their approach is a perfect hybrid of prefab and stick-build. I was so impressed when I really saw how they put those wall panels together. It saves a lot of time and money. "

​                                                                ——Neel M


Our Floorplans

TechPrefab's unique panelized approach makes your future ADU fully customizable. See our proven successful floorplans with our clients.

FLOOR PLAN (5).png



Size  310sqft 

Bedroom  1 

Bathroom  1

Width   19'8"

Depth  15'9" 

First, Contact us with Your Location
& Get Free Feasibility Analysis For Your ADU

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